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Why are We Different?

Nourish Nax Wellness Truffles wholesome ingredients are carefully selected to minimize the sugar rush and sugar crash (fatigue) rollercoaster effect. The combination moderate of protein and healthy fats, and unprocessed sugar helps reduce this effect. Read more >


Nakisa Nowroozi, PhD

Founder and Chef

What our customers say


”These are “treats” I feel comfortable giving to my children. I appreciate the care that goes into choosing quality ingredients. They like the taste!”

Kari R., A Waldorf Mamma


Love all these products! The best thing I love about them is the size as well as the taste. It’s amazing how a small bite can give you so much joy and energy unlike other similar products out there which is a testament of the quality material they use on their products . My next order is placed and I’ll be a frequent customer for sure!

M. Kashi


“The truffles are very fudgy and super delicious; I would love to see more varieties of these chocolates.”



Big fan of the crunch bar! super satisfying healthy and sweetness is perfect! It’s crunchy but moist and has a super light feel to it and it has really good ingredients.

Jennifer Aguirre


“We ordered the sprouted quinoa chocolate truffles, and they were delicious! Crispy yet a bit chewy, and surprisingly filling. Knowing that the ingredients are all healthy for you takes away any guilt about eating decadent truffles. We’ll definitely order these again! Great as a hostess gift or as a complement to a birthday gift.”